Name Maxim Lo
How long have i been in this field 0.5+1+3+2+1 yr
Software that i always use Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, Painter, Dreamweaver,
Where i studied HongKong(16yrs), China(3yrs), London(2yrs)
Who's Artist I like Yoshitomo Nara, ¶À¥Ã¥É
Who's writer I love ¸ë¥­¥W, ¤ý®Ò
Familiar with..... Hand Drawing, Sketch, Eating, Web surfing
My computer P4-1.2G CPU¡B512MB RAM¡B40GB Harddisk¡B17"Multiscan230 SONY Monitor¡BWacom Artpad II Tablet¡BEpson Stylus Colour 600 Printer¡BAcer CD Writer
P.S .......